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Innovation Strategy

Disruptive Innovation Creates New Market Opportunities 

  • Innovation

Investment Highlights

Universe:  Publicly listed companies, largely in North America, with growth characteristics, i.e., minimum target revenue growth of 10% or higher.

Competitive Moat:  Portfolio companies continuously innovate to gain market share and displace established, market leading firms, products and alliances.

Sustainable Secular Growth:  Moat-worthy companies on the right side of secular trends experience higher growth rates versus their peers and industries.

Valuation:  Capital allocated to moat-worthy, disruptive growth companies at reasonable prices should appreciate with the growth of underlying business.


How We Differ:  We are focused on long-term earnings trajectory versus measuring success from near-term cash flows.  This leads to better success in companies with large addressable markets and competitive moats.


  • Growth + Moat

Investment Philosophy & Target Return Objective*

The Innovation Strategy was developed to capitalize on secular growth trends and disruptive innovation.  Capital allocated to moat-worthy, disruptive growth companies at reasonable prices should appreciate at a rate commensurate with the growth of the underlying business.  EGA’s target return objective is to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns and to double invested capital over a five-year period using a low turnover barbell strategy that couples core growth with potential “multi-baggers.”


* EGA makes no claim targeted objectives are a guarantee of actual returns.

  • Themes

Secular Growth Trends

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cloud Computing 
  • Digital Networks

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