International Equity

Strategy Inception: 1997

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Investment Options

International Equity portfolios are available through separately managed accounts, mutual funds and investment research models for UMA platforms.



Strategy Overview

Eagle believes investments in international large-capitalization growth stocks can provide investors with attractive long-term, risk-adjusted returns.  The strategy targets high quality developed and emerging market companies in 20-25 countries with consistent earnings growth, cash flows and returns on equity.  Eagle also favors strong management teams who reward patient investors with above market returns, while limiting risk over the long-term.  Eagle’s disciplined investment process incorporates both top-down and bottom-up elements to identify companies with strong fundamentals, improving growth prospects and attractive valuations.  Risk is controlled by investing in financially secure companies, country and sector diversification and limiting position sizes. 

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Investment Highlights

Companies With Global Scale
~25% of portfolios invested in companies with market caps of $2B-$10B
~75% of portfolios invested in companies with market caps greater than $10B

Industry leaders that possess sustainable competitive advantages

Allocations driven primarily by stock selection – 45 to 60 holdings

Flexibility to under/over-weight countries and sectors; up to 35% in non-MSCI EAFE securities

Low turnover – 25%-30% annually

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