Renewables Infrastructure

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Investment Highlights

Essential Infrastructure:  Renewables Infrastructure companies own or have interests in renewables or renewables-related infrastructure assets.

Income + Growth:  Current income supported by long-term contracts with utilities, governments and corporations.  Growth tied to a shift to renewable energy to reduce Global Carbon Emissions.

Clean Energy:  Renewables Infrastructure companies own and operate solar, wind, hydro and natural gas assets.  Conversion to renewable energy sources will supply up to 70% of the emissions reductions needed to meet global policy initiatives.


  • Yield + Growth

Investment Overview

Renewables Companies pay healthy dividends supported by long-term contracts with primarily investment grade power purchasers.  While subsidies are fading, technological advancements have driven down costs creating a long, visible growth runway.  Simultaneously, Renewables benefit from increasing public awareness and support.  The Energy Information Administration (EIA) estimates Renewables represent the fastest-growing segment of electricity generators, expected to surpass nuclear and coal by 2021 and all other sources by 2045.

  • Global & Domestic

Investment Opportunities

Eagle Global Renewables Index (RENEW)                                                                                    

Eagle Renewables North American Index (RENEWNA)

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